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Photos from the EW2MS workshops at Hackett Middle School, Albany NY

E-Waste to Makerspace (EW2MS): Turning our electronic trash into DIY technological creativity.

A makerspace is a location where we create our own gadgets: anything from whimsical art to life-saving technologies. By using electronic trash ("e-waste") as the "parts" store, we can not only reduce the cost--bringing the benefits of makerspace to low-income schools and communities -- but also help create awareness around issues such as environmental pollution, technological obsolescence, and a consumption-obsessed society.

All makerspaces are learning opportunities, but EW2MS is a particularly low-cost way to teach circuitry and other forms of technological manipulation; to demystify the inner-workings of “black-boxed” technologies; and raise awareness of environmental issues. The projects from EW2MS can also serve this role: we can help each other remix and reuse e-waste to create community-sustaining technologies and generate opportunities ranging from creative arts to financial income.

This website is meant as a nexus of current projects from many different groups and individuals working to create this awareness and making projects that pertain to e-waste and DIY technology, particularly through workshops, lessons and tutorials. While we will be posting our own projects and work, the hope is that this website can bring many different projects and their mindsets and specific knowledge practices together.